Gallagher Hand Carved Wooden Indians
Ralph, John and Frank Gallagher

Hand-carved wooden Indians are as popular today as they were in the 1600’s when the Native Americans first introduced English settlers to tobacco in Virginia. Ralph Gallagher along with his sons John and Frank bring 3 generations of carving experience to each creation. The Gallaghers are half Mandan and half Dakota. Ralph was born in an abandoned train car in the south in 1926.

He has been carving out 2 of these signed masterpieces a week since 1946. These hand crafted Indians were originally created for merchants to display in front of their stores to advertise the sale of tobacco products. Soon they became a symbol of good luck because of soaring tabacco sales since the 1600’s. Good luck is what they have brought to us and the many other merchants that still display them today. The Gallaghers hope that the purchase of one of these Indians will bring anyone who purchases one the same good fortune that they have to their family. The signature series is only available through Pro-Tint. Please give us a call if you need any more information. We’re Kim Snyder and Galen Foster at Protint Window Tinting in Lakewood, CO. (303) 233-7315 or (303)908-5212.