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We were the first Window Tinting Company to offer a lifetime guarantee on our tinting. We will repair a problem with your Window Tint for the life of your car no questions asked. Clear Bra is guaranteed for five years. Yes, that's right even if it's your fault for scratching it. The tinting products we use are very durable and should easily last the lifetime of your car under normal use if they are installed properly. But accidents do happen and if you have any problems at all bring it back and we will replace it free of charge.


Just a Little About Us

We've been a family owned business for nearly 40 years. We spent the first 23 years at "13th and Wadsworth" but we had to relocate because of the Light Rail Parking Garage. Now were at 11085 Colfax Avenue in Lakewood a little North of the new Oak Street Light Rail Station.

A lot of Window Tinters will spend a lot of time telling you about all of the different types of window and paint protection films and all of the various decisions that go into selecting the right film for your application. But since were offering a lifetime warranty on our tinting products we're only interested in buying the most reliable and long lasting films in the market and that's why we only purchase the best platinum ,titanium and ceramic based films.

We install Window Film for tinting and Clear Bra paint protection. We also do residential and commericial buildings which provide greater privacy and/or protection from the sun. We have customers come from all of over Lakewood, the Denver Metro Area and Colorado. Because we are the owners and we do the work we can offer the very best products and a very competive price. Come on by and say hello. We'll give you a free estimate, some friendly conversation and may be even a big hug when you leave.


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